Mastering, Mixing & Producing

// Stem-mastering and Mixdown preparation info

For the stem-mastering / mixdown, I need seperate stems for:

  • Bassdrum
  • Bassline
  • Additional Subbass (in case there is one)
  • Clap
  • Snare
  • Hi Hats
  • Rides
  • Percussions/ Loops
  • Main Sequence 1 (rendered with effects)
  • Main Sequence 2 etc.
  • Additional Sequences (rendered together)
  • FX sounds (effect sounds like uplifter / downlifter)
  • Vocals

For example: for the Hi Hat stem, you render all your Hi Hats in one audio file. All of your effect sounds in the "FX stem" and so on.

When running all your stems together in a new arrangement, it should sound equal to your original production.

It should be not more than 10-15 stems max. In case I need anything else seperate, I will get back to you.